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LinkedIn Marketing

Unleash your potential and let us generate quality B2B leads for you.

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Do you want to utilise the power of LinkedIn for your business? LinkedIn is a fantastic marketing and business development tool for B2B businesses. It is an ‘acceptable’ social network in the workplace and can be accessed from your PC or your smartphone. Our LinkedIn marketing services will build your brand awareness, and help you gain new clients and opportunities.

We at Pinnacle Internet Marketing have found that LinkedIn provides higher quality B2B leads than any other social network (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

Many decision makers use LinkedIn on a daily basis, and they go there to evaluate your profile when your name comes up as a potential service provider or when evaluating a proposal. With the right LinkedIn profile optimisation, it will reassure those decision makers that they are making the right decision to choose you and your service..

Why do our clients love our services?

  • Integrity - We at Pinnacle Internet marketing don't take on clients who directly compete with any of our existing clients.
  • Grow Your Business - We don't carry out "cookie-cutter" type services, we only work with a handful of clients at any one time to focus on helping them attract new customers and grow their business.
  • Bang for your Buck - We are focused directly on ROI (Return on Investment).

What do I get?

  • High quality engaging company page posts
  • Targeted LinkedIn Group posts (target audience relevant)
  • A targeted approach towards connections – 70+% acceptance rate
  • Targeted LinkedIn sales messaging – split tested


Optimising your LinkedIn Profile & Utilising LinkedIn Groups

We will re-write and re-design your profile so you are positioned as an expert in your field. Joining LinkedIn Groups with your target audience and using trailed and tested marketing messages for these groups.

Finding and engaging with your existing LinkedIn connections

We will utilise your current connections on LinkedIn and engage with them, outlining your products/services and the benefits it will have for their business.

Finding new connections in the business area that could be a potential lead

We will carry out in-depth research into your ideal target audience and connect with them on LinkedIn. We will do this using a testing connection template with 70+% acceptance rate.

Engaging with new LinkedIn connections

After the LinkedIn user has accepted the invitation, we will then send them a personalised sales message outlining the products/services you offer and to reply to the message if they are interested (again using a tried and tested template). Once the connection replies and is interested in your products/services, we then pass on this information to the client.

We will repeat points 3 and 4 (and utilising LinkedIn Groups) consistently until we have reached the amount of LinkedIn users contacted stated within your LinkedIn package.

Local LinkedIn Packages

At least 150 LinkedIn users contacted per month

£ 300 Per Month*

At least 360 LinkedIn users contacted per month

£ 600 Per Month*

At least 600 LinkedIn users contacted per month

£ 900 Per Month*
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