Top Tips for Successful Paid Search Advertising

09 Jul 2015

Paid search advertising can be an effective web marketing strategy. The main challenge is to use it correctly and appropriately. Having adequate knowledge of AdWords campaigns lets you use Google’s tools effectively. If you’re new to the world of online advertising, read this article for top tips and ideas on successful paid search advertising. Select […]


How to Boost Lead Conversions Using Social Media

19 Jun 2015

The rise of social media has provided new opportunities for businesses to reach out to their target customers. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide a resource by which firms can engage with potential customers in real time, and the informal nature of social media has helped businesses to expose their products and services […]


How to Craft a Press Release

16 Jun 2015

If you want media coverage, you need to craft a good press release. Mastering the art is an essential part of any marketing strategy. You may want to create buzz about your business, but what information should you include and how long should it be? It needs to catch attention and pique interest. Here are […]


The Rise of PPC and Google Adwords

31 Mar 2015

With digital marketing both making and breaking businesses across the globe, advertising is so much more than clever slogans and editorial space. In this post we discuss PPC and Google Adwords and how they can benefit your business. What is PPC? PPC refers to pay-per-click marketing, a way of using online search engines to advertise […]


New Year, New Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015

07 Jan 2015

For most social media marketers, the New Year means a new marketing strategy linking to new products, new services and new ways of engaging with potential and existing customers. Making the most out of the data you have already collected about your customers will really see your social media marketing thrive during 2015. In this […]


How to Make your Email Marketing Remarkable

20 Oct 2014

With more than half of businesses achieving 10% of their sales through email marketing, the value of email to drive sales is sometimes overlooked by the distraction of newer technologies. In this article, we consider ways to achieve the best from your email marketing campaigns. 1. Easy Sign-Up No one likes a complicated sign-up process. […]


New Facebook Video Ads Platform

15 Apr 2014

Facebook are always on the lookout for their next game-changer and in early March of this year, they took on the television by launching a new video advertising platform. Termed by Facebook as Premium Video Ads, this feature taps into the popularity of online video to offer advertisers another opportunity to reach their audience with […]


Click to Call Button in Sponsored Tweets

12 Mar 2014

In an effort to improve the value of advertising on the network, Twitter is investigating the possibility of featuring a click-to-call button within sponsored tweets. Known as direct response advertising, this would do “as it says on the tin” and enable users to directly engage with the advertiser via a click. Twitter’s Vice President of […]